2016-08-12 22:05

      Over the past 60 days short, thousand-Technology has been declared a national patent office blockbuster 6 total 13 new patents, senior research and development team busy around the clock for over two months, has shown signs of news! Thousand-technology business leaders Mascret Wong and Yuki Wong's common idea is to promote the domestic and global electrical a nursing concepts and techniques, but they take concrete actions to make the outcome should not be underestimated.

      Benevolence, known micro-renowned, from positioning to build the company's image, to product development project, reviewers, put in mold production, to hand to irrigate and fertilize flowers, bit by bit, a soil-water, busy, orderly, fast and structured, high efficiency is amazing. Leaders of expertise accumulated in the electric field of a retaining more than ten years of experience, is quietly sound does not move, but quickly rushing entire domestic electric a retainer!

How heart wide, the stage is much, Mascret Wong Yuki Wong's words and deeds and thoughts, both directly reflects the core idea thousand meter technology "honesty, progress, unity, scraps!"

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